Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tags and ATCs.

Here are some ATCs and tags I have done for swaps.


  1. Ann, just had to pop in and tell you how cool your blog is! Love that you share your art and your new digital work is Fab! hugsxo Jackie

  2. You have made wonderful Halloween creations, dear Ann! One is more beautiful than the other. Too bad that I had this year not so much free time. I wish you have a nice festive season and a nice weekend.
    Hugs MARTINA

  3. Gorgeous I love them all!
    Awesome details!
    IKWYM I havent been blogging much for a year now we moved twice since August so twice unpacking and packing too. Still unpacking.
    Happy New year friend!!

  4. Thanks for the write up! Also, I noticed that your RSS feeds arent working. Could you take a look at that?

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