Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello I am back in blog land !!!! I have had some health issues.. Surgery a very large cancer (melanoma)removed from my lower right leg...actually he found two, so I was left with a very large hole about 1/3 of my lower leg and skin grafts taken from my left thigh.. Now everything is healing very graft donor site is still pretty itchy and sore. Not much creating has been happening just a few ATCs to show and I am working on an OP at the moment and I should have it finished in a couple of days Below are three ATCs I have done for a swap at VPI Group.
This is an ATC and envelope I made for a swap I hosted at JAV and friends the Theme " Butterfly "

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  1. Hi Ann, how nice that you're back in blogworld. I didn`t know you were sick. Hope you are well again, and everything has healed well?
    Your new creations are fantastic (as always)!
    I still wish you a nice week my dear!
    Hugs MARTINA <3