Monday, January 9, 2012

The start of a journal !!!

Happy New Year to all my friends.
So what are your plans for 2012 I would love to hear.......
This year I have decided to keep a journal "Yes my first"
No I have never done an Art Journal before so it is a new journey for me. I am a member of the most amazing group of artists from around the world and I am so lucky to have been accepted into the group.
Our prompt for January New Beginnings.
Here are my first two pages for 2012
My journalling is hidden under all the layers.


  1. This is gorgeous Ann, and I just love the colours and texture. (hopefully I will get to see it IRL soon)
    Thank you so much for the birthday card, it is so pretty and technology wow isn't it amazing what they can do!
    Hope you have a great day and say hi to the bank, since I won't be at the PO today :)

  2. This is gorgeous!!
    Love the colors and the details you added!!
    I would like to get pubbed in a published magazine by the end of the year and a Maft. Dt.
    Big dream I know but now when I can find the time LOL!!

  3. oh ANN! I'm going to love looking at this journal, if that first page is anything to judge by. It's GORGEOUS!

    I'm doing a smash book this year, I figure I can't REALLY stuff it up. Can I?


  4. Hello Ann, your journal is stunning!!! I look forward to stopping by and seeing it progress during the year...

    one of my goals is to get back to blogging!

  5. Ann, your Art Journal is FABULOUS in every way! The creativity of design and the stunning colours are superb. Congratulations on your wonderful artwork my friend!

  6. fabulous absolutely love this idea .. love the colors you have used ....I have kept a journal most of my life but just in the last few years have begun doing an art journal as well .. lots of fun xoxoxo
    thanks for the email too Ann, am gonna give this a go ... a bit like a silk painting technique ... thanks so much for sharing Heather xoxox

  7. Ann, this looks fabulous. To start an art journal was on my "must do" list for this year and happy to say I have now done my first page much fun. You have created a wonderful start to yours tfs